The Path to Financial Security

Wealth Building

What is Wealth Building?

Wealth Building is the ability to navigate life’s events. It’s more than just setting financial goals…it’s actually building towards them so that you can do the things that are important to you.

NHSIE can provide you with the resources needed to help you prepare for life’s emergencies as well as reach your goals.

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The Right Path

Wealth Building means that you are on the right path to financial security

Managing Finances

Managing finances is about the choices clients make. At NHSIE, we help them in the process of choosing how they earn, spend, and save their money.

Creating Financial Goals

Five Steps Process is how we best counsel clients. We help clients (1) envision short- and long-term future goals, (2) categorize financial goals as short, mid or long term, (3) set a target date for their financial goals, (4) set a target date for reaching financial goals, and (5) identify layers in their current state of savings.

Understanding Credit

At NHSIE we want all of our clients to understand how to choose and use credit appropriately so that they can reach their goal of homeownership and increase financial health.

Know What Steps to Take

It means knowing what steps need to be taken—and taking them

Trained Advisors

Enabling individuals to reach their financial goals and achieve long term stability.

Financial Classes

Providing you with specific techniques to increase you savings and credit score and reduce your debt.

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