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Rental Counseling

Rental Counseling

Participation in NHSIE’s programs DOES NOT guarantee or include access to funds/housing assistance.

Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire (NHSIE) works with clients to develop household budgets, determine what they can afford to pay for rent, establish eligibility for assistance, apply for rental assistance, and identify an appropriate unit.

Our counselors can also help renters develop and maintain financial literacy through counseling on budgeting, credit, and financial management. Depending on the situation, we may also educate clients on good rental practices such as obtaining rental insurance, maintaining a healthy home, and preparing for future homeownership.

All Rental Counseling services are free of charge.

Please call our office at 909-884-6891 or schedule an Intake Assistance Phone Call: Schedule a Call

If you want to get started right away, you can get a head start by completing our intake forms.

Please be aware that our intake forms request a significant amount of financial information.
Make sure you are prepared to provide good estimates and as many completely accurate figures regarding your household income, expenses and debts as possible.


Trying to Understand Your Options? These Frequently Asked Questions Can Help: