A Team That Cares


Kailin Scott

CEO/Executive Director

Kailin leads NHSIE as the organization’s CEO. She provides deep subject matter expertise and diversity, equity and inclusion to problem solve, design and deliver strategic solutions in housing. She holds more than 5 years of experience in management and operations, 10 years of experience in communications, and 10 years of experience in program development and community organizing. Her role and experience are essential to improving the productivity and effectiveness of NHSIE as well as providing our best service and support to the community.

Clarice Wilson

HR & Compliance Manager

Clarice has been NHSIE’s HR/Compliance Manager for twelve years and is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource functions for the organization. In addition to HR, Clarice oversees maintenance of NHSIE’s certifications and handles outcome tracking, reporting, and compliance monitoring. Her knowledgeable background and experience are invaluable for teaching workshops and advising clients as well as ensuring staff members satisfy all housing counseling educational requirements.

Cynthia Chaffin

Accounting Support Specialist

As NHSIE’s Accounting Specialist of more than four years, Cynthia has comprehensive knowledge of accounting and audit principles, A/P, A/R, payroll, general ledger postings, invoicing, and regulatory compliance guidelines. She prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual Profit and Loss Statements as well as balance sheets for NHSIE. Her high-level skills in analyzing cost control and providing financial information helps support the overall function of the organization.

Joel Wunderly

Agency Support Coordinator

Joel performs some of the most essential responsibilities needed for the functionality of the nonprofit as NHSIE’s Agency Support Coordinator. He manages and troubleshoots NHSIE’s reporting, data collection, and client processing through Salesforce while implementing improvements and new data integrations. With his great time-management and detail-oriented vision, Joel helps NHSIE stay organized while also ensuring the organization’s business accounts, website, and social media are updated and maintained.

Kamillah Pollard

Agency Support Coordinator

Kamillah assists NHSIE internally and externally as the organization’s Agency Support Coordinator. With more than four years of customer service experience, she helps direct inquiring clients to the correct department for various needs in addition to providing extra support to NHSIE’s team as needed. As a recent graduate from the University of California, Riverside, her background in Public Policy and Sustainability helps NHSIE gather policy research to help target the needs of the surrounding community.

Charlie Pagan

Homeownership Manager

As a HUD certified Homeownership Manager for NHSIE, Charlie takes lead of the Homeownership Team at the organization. Charlie specializes in Homeownership Advising, Foreclosure Prevention, as well as High Cost Home Counseling (HOEPA). He works closely with the other Homeownership Advisors to provide effective, efficient, and supportive home counseling to the organization’s clients. With over ten years of experience in realty, his wide range of knowledge, team leadership, communication, and continuous drive to enhance the organization, Charlie is an incredible asset to NHSIE.

Victor Ochoa

Homeownership Advisor

Victor is one of NHSIE’s Homeownership Advisors. He is responsible for guiding and counseling first-time homebuyers through the process of purchasing a home, assisting with foreclosures, and financial literacy. This includes informing and educating clients of various loan options, down payment assistance programs, and intervening to help homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. His thirteen years of impeccable customer service and management skills makes him a great advisor for clients of all backgrounds.

Dora Puentes

Homeownership Advisor

As a HUD Certified Homeownership Advisor to NHSIE, Dora supports clients with Homebuyer Education, Foreclosure Intervention and Financial Literacy. She counsels first-time homebuyers in English and Spanish to help them increase their personal financial knowledge, become educated on loaning options and down payment assistance programs, and create realistic household budgets to build their wealth. From working in housing related services for over fifteen years to staying on top on current real estate issues, Dora brings great in-depth knowledge of real estate, asset management and property management to NHSIE.

Damian Duncan

Program Support Administrator Realty/Homeownership

Damian is the Program Support Administrator for Realty and Homeownership to NHSIE. He entered the real estate and construction industry in 2004 in real estate sales and worked with many asset managers in the disposition sector during the downturn. He received his real estate broker license in 2009 and was then involved in real estate flips and holds. Damian has come onto the NHSIE team to lend his experience in realty to the organization and help its clients set themselves up for sustainable homeownership.

Alisa Cota

Manufactured Housing Project Manager

Alisa has over 15 years of experience working in Real Estate and Development, Property and Asset Management as well ADU Design and Construction Project Management. Utilizing her professional background, she oversees the Lead Accessory Dwelling Unit Initiative and manufactured housing development projects as NHSIE’s Manufactured Housing Project Manager and Broker of Record. Her expertise in the Real Estate and Development industry brings strong organizational and multi-faceted skills that NHSIE needs.

Maria Solis

Transaction Coordinator

Starting off as a volunteer at NHSIE for six months, Maria has continued to support NHSIE for over ten years and currently works as the organization’s Transaction Coordinator while also assisting in Realty and Lending. She oversees and reviews packets for down payment assistance eligibility as well as processes, underwrites, closes, and services secondary financing loans. As a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, she has assisted with over 600 down payment assistance loans for homebuyers seeking to purchase property owned by NHSIE.