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One Household at a Time


Melissa, NHSIE Homeowner

"I am a successful NHSIE household owner. I am a single parent and if I can do it you can do it."

Doug, First-time Homebuyer

"I'm a proud first time homebuyer thanks to the staff at NHSIE and the down payment assistance program. I'll be eternally grateful."

Cesar, Age 11

"We are very happy to have a house! My mother wanted to get a house; wanted to be on her own as a single mother and an individual - she took NHSIE classes and eventually it all led to us having a house."

K, Down Payment Assistance Recipient

"We are very appreciative to all of you that helped us get this loan. We just love our house. Everyone one was very helpful and worked hard for us to get this. Thank you all."

Isabella, First-time Homebuyer

"I am a single mother. Words can’t express how grateful I am for the house I was able to buy thanks to this program. If it wouldn’t be because of this wonderful program I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a house. I am so grateful and so blessed thanks to all of the amazing people that make this program happen. Thank you so so much god bless you all"

R, NHSIE Counseling Recipient

"Thank you for the One-on-One counseling session. It was very much appreciated. Enclosed is my result from implementing strategies you taught in the book "Realizing the American Dream" about working on cleaning up our credit so that we can be ready for a mortgage and the Grace of God."

- R. enclosed confirmation of a credit score increase from 732 to 815 within two months!

Michael, Counseling Recipient

"My details are nothing but a warm thank you and admiration for the excellent service and advice I received from [NHSIE Staff Member]. He made dealing with a bureaucracy a reassuring easy experience, rather than the usual nightmare."

Toye, Counseling Recipient

"I had positive interactions with all of the staff at NHSIE... They provided the information and more importantly the support that I needed. In regards to negotiation with my bank, I didn’t need to continue and was fortunately able to bring my account current. However, my representative was ready to assist as needed."

John, Homebuyer Class Attendee

"If you are like me, a potential first-time homebuyer who has zero knowledge on the homebuying process and don't know where to start, here it is my friend!

The team in NHSIE will provide you all the essential information you need to confidently take the further steps toward your first home."

M, NHSIE Class Attendee

"I am an African American single mother of 3 children. I came in contact with NHSIE last fall. Prior to coming to NHSIE, I have been on the 5 year section 8 housing program. While on section 8, I have earned 3 degrees (2 associates degrees and 1 bachelor degree), maintained full-time employment, brought my credit score up from an approximate 500 to now a 720. I have been working with NHSIE through the homeownership program. After examining my monthly expenses with my case manager at NHSIE I learned where I could make significant improvement in my money utilization. I attended a financial literacy class, a credit building class and the homeownership education class through NHSIE. Without this agency I would be lost literally. Growing up I was never taught financial literacy and looking back, no one in my family has ever had healthy spending habits. I intended to end this generational cycle within my family by continuing to work with NHSIE. I am consistently working towards healthy financial habits. I am now on my homeownership journey and soon will begin looking at homes. I had to remain disciplined financially by paying down debt I sustained on my own and while helping others, minimizing my monthly expenses, having conversations with my children about opting put of holidays, birthday and unnecessary spending to accomplish my homeownership goal. Once again I will forever be grateful for NHSIE guiding me in the direction I was never exposed to growing up."

Cynthia O. First-time Homebuyer

"Thanks to NHSIE I was able to accomplish my dream of purchasing a home for myself and my children. As a single mother it has been tough in this economy, but NHSIE made it possible with their help. They were able to provide me with the loan to purchase my home which made everything much easier and stress-free. I didn't think it would be possible but here I am now living my dream of being a homeowner. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given and can't thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity. If you continue to provide families with this great opportunity, I can guarantee you there will be many more single-parent families who will be extremely appreciative of the good deeds you are all doing!

Thank you again and continue to do the great work you are doing!"

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