Apartment Hunting Made Easier

Rent a Home

Source: Mymove.com

Apartments come in all shapes, sizes, and setups. Finding the perfect apartment is largely about defining your unique needs and preferences. Don’t just type “rent apartment” into your Google search — that will open the floodgates. Instead, make a list of your apartment must-haves and consider these factors:


How much can you comfortably afford?


How much space do you need or want?

Apartment Type

Do you want a luxury apartment, multi-level unit, loft, or some other setup?


Consider commute times to work or school as well as proximity to grocery stores and recreation.

Rental Situation

Would you prefer a full-service apartment building with on-site management or a smaller building where you can work directly with the property owner?

Lease Types

Can you commit to a one-year lease term, or do you need the flexibility of going month-to-month?


How important is it for your apartment to provide amenities like covered parking, a fitness center, a pool, or a laundry room?

Are you interested in renting a house or apartment but don’t know where to start? Are you currently renting and need financial assistance? Are you currently at risk of being evicted?

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